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We've helped hundreds of people start and scale their own STR EMPIRE and now, 


Meet Justin!


A product of determination, grit, and strategic mastery, Justin has quickly become one of the go-to leaders in the STR space. After scaling his very own empire from $0 to $18M+ in just over 3 years, Justin began to share his high performance STR strategies. 


Justin now partners with real estate heavy weights, focusing on strategic partnerships in Capital Raising, STR Syndication, Development and Real Estate Funds with his firm Leicestermore Capital. 


With expertise in the lucrative world of Short-Term Rentals, Justin now dedicates time to helping others break free from financial constraints and live life on their terms.

Our Story


We purchased our very first STR property, a triplex in West Palm Beach, FL. 


Within 24 hours of listing our property the bookings rolled in, we realized we were truly onto something.


We got laser focused on our strategy, refined it & quickly began to take down more properties.


Within 3 years we scaled to over $18M+ in our portfolio bringing in over $105K a month.


As we shared our journey, we quickly became sought after in the STR space as mentors to those desiring to build wealth & create true financial freedom. 


Fast forward to today, we have now helped countless people get started on their STR journey. 


If generation wealth & financial freedom is your goal.... then you are in the right place!